Charger point at home

You can have an charger point at home provided by the CFE.

Learn about CFE charger points.

CFE charger point is a product of the Federal Electricity Commission, which offers a guarantee of experience and quality. Promotes electromobility in Mexico, combining the experience and knowledge of the Federal Electricity Commission.

Confidence and security is what is offered, and it is backed by our technicians, engineers and specialists. They are intended to meet energy needs.

Charger points at home.

The electric charging stations are charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrids; they can be installed in homes, public spaces or businesses and are powered by the CFE electricity grid.

Electric vehicles require an electric station to supply the car’s battery, the CFE is responsible for the installation in buildings with electrical connection adaptable to the needs of customers and take full advantage of the benefits of electric mobility.

How do the electric stations work?

Generate electricity.

The CFE generates electricity from various sources.


The CFE installs a meter in your home exclusively for the consumption of your electric car.


CFE personnel supervise the installation of your electric station so that you can charge your Zacua.


The cost of each kilometer traveled with electricity is between 50% and 70% less than gasoline.


When driving your Zacua, they do not generate polluting emissions, contributing to the care of the environment.
Benefits of the charger points.

The use of electric vehicles, in addition to generating less pollution, represents lower maintenance and energy costs. It is an excellent alternative for urban mobility.


  • It does not pay the tax on new automobiles (ISAN) or vehicle ownership.
  • No verification as it is zero emissions.
  • If you install the electric carport at home, it is billed separately from your regular household consumption.


  • CO2 emissions are up to 70% less than combustion vehicles.
  • No noise pollution.
  • The batteries are highly recyclable.
Install your meter in three steps.

1. Ask a professional to help you with the installation of the electric station and the preparation of where the new meter will be placed.

2. Contact CFE and request the activation of your service: visit their website:, call them at 071 or visit a nearby Service Center*.

3- Remember that the new meter will only register the consumption of your electric station, so your household bill will not be affected.

*IMPORTANT: Have your electric bill and the technical data of your electric station ready, the CFE will visit you to install your new meter.

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