These are the most common questions about the Zacua, electric car.

On tax and service savings

With Zacua you are exempt from paying tenure and verification, it has no expenses for fluids, cooling, or gasoline, and because it is zero emissions, it does not enter the “Hoy No Circula” program (whome main objective is to prevent, minimize and control the emission of pollutants from vehicles that circulate in the CDMX). In addition, electric cars do not participate in the New Automobile Tax (Impuesto Sobre Automóviles Nuevos, ISAN).

What is the battery life?

The battery of a Zacua has a life of 3,000 cycles (0 to 100% charge), which can translate to 8 years of life (if charged from minimum to full every day).

Where can I find a charging point?

In Mexico, there are approximately 1,500 electric gas stations, of which about 70% are public and 30% private. These stations are mainly located in Mexico City, Nuevo León and Aguascalientes, which account for 50% of the total. Most of these stations are free of charge and are located in commercial plazas, but private stations charge no more than 80 mexican peso for a full recharge. The authorized recharge time can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Currently Mexico City is counting on the launch of its first production line, Zacua will gradually open around 150 electrolineras (charging points) in Mexico City, which it will map on a smartphone app, along with all other functional electrolineras in Mexico City.

Get to know Zacua
Zacua electric cars have a lot to offer, these are their main features:
The car has regenerative brakes, ABS with hydraulic circuit braking system.
It has front-wheel drive with a 1:5.79 gear ratio with D/N/R shifting.
It has PMSM electric motor with Sevcon Gen4 electronics with maximum power 34 kW @3750 rpm Torque 87 Nm.
The batteries are Lithium LiFePO4 type with a capacity of 18 kWh. Charger type SAE J1772 with charging time, standard 0-100% in 8h.
Body made of thermoformed ABS engineering copolymer, mass-tinted and with anti-UV treatment, on an aluminum structure and it reaches 4m in turning radius. It has two seats. Trunk volume: Zacua MX®2 247.5 L. and Zacua MX®3 487.5 L.
Front suspension: independent McPherson type wheels with lower forks and vertical shock absorber. Rear suspension: independent wheels, stabilizer arm with self-deforming axle and stabilizer bar.
About Zacua

We are a company committed to the environment and sustainable development.

At Zacua, we believe and trust in the approach of a better urban mobility with less environmental impact. We also believe in a commitment to a better future for all by supporting Mexico’s transition to greener industries.

An intelligent, urban and mexican all-electric car.
Be an agent of change in Mexico.
Zacua is an electric, zero-emission, mexican car committed to sustainability and responsible mobility. You do not pay tenure, vehicle verification and save thousands of pesos in gasoline per year, with tax benefits for you and your company. Help the environment by preventing 33 million tons of carbon dioxide from being dumped in your city each year, helping to create a clean, better city for you, your children and future generations.
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